With Pandemic EBT extended for students missing in-person school meals through the 2020/2021 school year, this toolkit will help states build upon the first year’s successes and challenges to more effectively deliver these essential resources for children and families.

In this new wave of Pandemic EBT (P-EBT), states have the opportunity to iteratively approach the development of new P-EBT plans. States can move from crisis response toward sustainability by building on the spring 2020 experience to reach families more effectively. 

While supporting states in the spring delivery of P-EBT, Code for America documented learnings and recommendations, based on implementation challenges that states encountered delivering the program. We built this resource toolkit to share recommendations and best practices—and to support state agencies and partners tasked with the development of P-EBT programs to deliver these benefits to families with urgency, efficacy, equity, cost-effectiveness, and empathy.

In this toolkit, you’ll find resources on:

  • Human-centered service design principles and practices
  • Working with vendors on P-EBT benefit delivery
  • Data management and matching
  • Community outreach and client support
  • An appendix of resources from Spring 2020 P-EBT